• Sunday, 8 January 2017

    Tech Evolution: The SmartGlasses That Helps Blind People To See

    Aira, a US-based startup, has developed a pair of smart glasses that can help blind people with everyday tasks. The glasses, which are based on Google Glass, connect blind customers with a network of certified agents that can see what the blind person sees in real time.

    These agents can help customers with a wide variety of daily tasks and activities by acting as a visual interpreter. This includes navigating busy streets, assisting with grocery shopping, and more. The agent also has access to the customer's location through Google Maps. Aira noted that this service isn't designed to replace traditional methods, such as a guide dog or a white cane, but instead meant to be used alongside them for specific tasks.

    Aira's smart gasses are available now as part of a subscription plan. You can get the glasses and 200 minutes of access per month for $129 a month. A second Preferred plan gets you 400 minutes for $199 a month, alongside a guarantee that an agent will be on the line within 10 seconds after making a request.

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