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    Friday, 6 July 2018

    Instagram Adds Feature to Ask Question in Stories

    New features are now always integrated and introduced on the popular photo and video sharing platform, Instagram. After they have released the Lite version of Instagram app, another amazing new feature that enables users to ask questions in Stories has been added.

    The feature functionality is called "Ask a Question". You can select YES/NO poll and emoji slider while asking question. The "Roast Me" feature can be used to roast the story uploader.

    Basically, the "Ask a Question" feature can be used to ask your followers a question in Stories. Followers can decide to provide an answer by using YES and No, or Emoji. They can also decides to write you a long answer.

    The feature will be very beneficial in the aspect you need a survey from your followers for business, entertainment or for other purposes.
    However, the feature has been rolled out to all Android users but is limited at the moment, not everybody has received it. With time, it will roll out globally and to iOS users.
    What's your say concerning the feature?

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