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    Tuesday, 14 August 2018

    Introducing MTN Data Calculator - A Tool To Track Data Usage

    MTN has introduced a new tool that allows subscribers calculate their data usage before subscribing for any data plan. MTN Data calculator is not a real time data usage tracker but it's designed to estimate and give you an idea of data consumption when browsing, downloading or streaming videos online at a particular time or period.

    MTN Data Calculator will allow customers to determine their data usage and consumption pattern because MTN is aware that you consume data every time you surf the web, stream videos, download stuff, engage in social media activities and other internet activities.

    It's a dedicated web page designed to help you measure hours of surfing the web (Shopping online, news and others, in minutes/day), use of social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram in minutes/day), hours of streaming non-HD and high-definition videos (YouTube, Netflix and others in minutes/day), as well as time spent online gaming (Candy Crush, Scrabble etc in minutes/day).

    MTN revealed that 1 minutes surfing on the web is equal to 1MB, 1Minute on social media (posting and commenting) is equated to 4MB etc. From this you can see how your data is being used.

    MTN Data Calculator tool is similar to Glo Data Calculator also launched recently by Globacom to help subscribers estimate the data usage on the network.

    First, go to the Tool Page and use the drag icon to set your data usage by increasing or decreasing it. The total estimated data volume will be shown at the bottom of the page as you drag.

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