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    Here at this page you can write a post for us meaning you can create a topic on this blog that will be viewed by tens of thousand of visitors. The topics that are to be sent for postage is below

    • Technology updates
    • Browsing solutions
    • Website tutorials
    • Desktop or laptop solutions
    • Phone solutions
    • Phone and desktop reviews with Specifications

    Your guest post can also be accepted if it relates or concern anything about technology. 

    Your posts can be accepted, if only it follows these guidelines below;

    1. Your post must not be copied or a copyrighted material and it must not appear in anywhere or even your blog.
    2. Your post must not contain too much external links but you can only link to the the other posts that are relevant to the content.
    3. Your guest post must contain one or more pictures.
    4. Your guest post must be long a enough to be called a post.
    5. Your post must not be for advertisement purpose.
    6. After all this, we will review your blog post and edit it before we published here on for our readers and you must have agreed to that.

    So start writing and submit via Contact@faltweb.com

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